Our Story

We are Smitten with Italy, and we're not afraid to shout it from the rooftops!

We are avid Italophiles and food + wine lovers. When we moved back to America from Italy in 2015, we longed for some fun splashes of Italy in our lives.

We couldn't transport our neighborhood church bells, the ancient cobblestones or our favorite pizzeria-  so we started creating typography designs for our family + friends that has naturally morphed into this little shop. 

We love to create fun designs based on our passion for Italy + typography. Think bold + cheeky with a dash of Italiano.


Things We love…

Church bells + frescoes

The sweet sounds of an Italian coffee bar

Gathering around the table with people we love

We believe…

Practicing Il dolce far niente (the sweetness of doing nothing) is a daily necessity

The purest taste of a place + culture is found by spending time in the kitchen

Giving back brings great joy to all involved


We are committed to…

Bringing a taste of Italy into your life + helping the underdog, always. 

Join us as we celebrate our love for Italy every day, or talk to us if you want to dream with us or plan your own trip.


-Chris + Heather Carlson