Food & Wine Travel Planning Kit- Smitten Italy
Food & Wine Travel Planning Kit- Smitten Italy
Food & Wine Travel Planning Kit- Smitten Italy
Food & Wine Travel Planning Kit- Smitten Italy
Food & Wine Travel Planning Kit- Smitten Italy

Food & Wine Travel Planning Kit

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Culinary Travel Planning Kit. 

Plan out all the delicious details of your next trip with this digital travel planner geared toward food & wine lovers.

Keep track of your recommendations, favorites, tastings, cooking classes and reservations- with room to take notes on everything you tasted, sipped & made.

✦ Research cooking classes, markets, restaurants & must eat foods in your destination.
✦ Keep track of reservations and food tours.
✦ Use the detailed journal pages to take awesome notes about your edible adventures.

Whether you just want to remember every last bite, or if you are wanting detailed notes for a project or blog post- this kit is perfect for you!

I'm the first to admit I plan all our trips around where and what we are going to eat. If this sounds like you too, then you will love this culinary travel kit, perfect for planning all your delicious adventures in Italy and beyond.

Taking a little bit of time to research & plan out what and where to eat before you go will help ensure that you don't waste a meal!

✦ Use this kit to brainstorm and plan what you want to see, do, eat & experience,
✦ Dive into each section, depending on where you are in your planning process.
✦ There's no right or wrong, use these sheets in the order and the way that works best for you!

My favorite part? The dining notes. Keep track of your favorite meals & details on these pages. I've created several that look similar (and plenty of space for notes) so you can pick the one you like best! (great for food bloggers & travel writers)

Cheers to your delicious trip!


• 8.5" x 11" PDF
• 25 pages
• Printable PDF
• Instant Download

This printable travel kit includes 25 carefully crafted pages broken into 4 sections:

✦ Foodie Dreams
✦ Research
✦ Map out your Plan
✦ Document the Details

✦Foodie Dreams✦

→ Gourmet Getaway Checklist
→ Culinary Wish List

✦ Research ✦

→ Edible Experiences (Cooking classes, Markets, Food Tours etc)
→ Culinary Short List (What's at the top of your wishlist?)
→ Taste This (What to eat in each destination- Italy is full of local delicacies!)
→ Eat Here Cheatsheet (keep track of recommendations & places that pique your interest)

✦ Map out your Plan ✦

→ Delicious Details Calendar (map out your meals & reservations)
→ Buon Appetito Cheat Sheet (an overview of all your delicious plans)
→ Vino Cheatsheet (a place to keep vineyard names/hours/reservations etc)

✦ Document the Details ✦

→ Dining Notes (2 layout options)
→ Wine Tasting Notes (2 layout options)
→ Edible Favorites (keep a list of your favorite meals, restaurants, experiences)

✦ Journaling Pages ✦

→ Trip Faves
→ Taste This (blank sheet to use as you like)
→ Favorites (keep track o all your favorites from the entire trip, or just 1 destination)
→ Blank Journaling Pages (2 layout options)

*This kit is in PDF form designed to be printed & filled out. Some pages are meant to be printed multiple times depending on the length of your trip. For PERSONAL USE ONLY. Not for replication or redistribution.

✦ How does it work? ✦

☆ Get your planner instantly as soon as your payment clears.

☆ Download your PDF documents to your computer.

☆ I recommend saving a copy in your google drive, or dropbox, so you can reuse them for another trip (Personal use only!)

☆ Print your travel planner at home, take it to a local print shop or upload to an online printer.

☆ Enjoy planning your epic trip!


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☆ Actual colors may vary slightly from photos depending on your computer & printer settings.
☆ This purchase is for PERSONAL USE ONLY, commercial use is prohibited.
☆ All digital items are not refundable- but please let me know if you have any problems or concerns.

If the theme of your travel plans revolves around food and wine, you'll love this culinary travel kit- a great addition to our Ultimate travel planning kit. 


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